Crafter and House Sitter

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Angry Birds

Ryan loves to play the Angry Birds game and was so excited to get up to level 17 on the game he was playing while staying with me this week.
We found this cutting file and made it for him to take home and put on his bedroom wall.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Sorell Tasmania House Sit

Aren't these three just the cutest little things?  I think so any way and would love to take Buddie, Chillie and Peppie home with me when I go back to Brisbane.  They all have their own personalities and are so funny with their antics.   Sorell is a lovely little town  about a half hour from Hobart and I am staying  in a beautiful heritage home that was the Post Office in a previous life. Tasmania or what I have seen of it so far has spectacular scenery and the beaches are so natural and unspoilt - Just stunning.   I hope to be able to come back and have a good look round.

Thank You

A Thank You card I made and sent to Boris and Patricia thanking them for their wonderful hospitality and friendship on our recent trip to Maleny to celebrate Deanne and Tony's wedding.