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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Christmas Holidays 2012 on the water

Had a lovely long holiday on "SantaMonica" our yacht this year and this is the painting that Ryan gave me for Christmas . It is of our house and the yacht and it now has pride and place on the bulkhead in the dining area (saloon) of the yacht.  Boots is keeping watch over it as he came on holiday with us.  We spent time just toodling round Moreton Bay and down to the Gold Coast broad water for New Year to watch the fireworks. Caught a couple of fish but they were all too small for the pan.

We picked up Paul Leah and Ryan on Boxing Day and spent the day at the top of Macleay Island. Ryan thought it was really great to steer the yacht on the way with Pa's help.  We again tried to catch some fish but still none big enough for the pan
The next day took our good friends Dallas and Erica . Had a lovely day and nice lunch . Motored up to our mooring in Canipa Passage and caught up on all the gossip and again tried fishing - Still no fish
Had a short sail on the way back to Victoria Point. Surprised how well SantaMonica went along.

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